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I only wanted to unplug a clock to plug something else in and you said i couldnt. and it turns into me getting choked and shoved and hit. Fuck you. I don’t know the last time I felt like I loved you and it doesn’t even bother me. and I tell myself it could be worse she could pull a knife on me or she could throw me down stairs and I realize how crazy that is and that I shouldn’t have to justify being hurt.. this is why I can’t live here. This is why my house is not a home.
Maybe you can’t face the fact that you’re wrong sometimes. Maybe it’s too much and that’s why you get physical. But its no excuse.. I understand spanking your kid or slapping them maybe.. but being cornered and choked by your mom is kinda scary. It is what it is. It happened. There’s no excuse for it, and im tired of the fights. Almost every goddamn day for however many years we have fought. I’ve been yelled at and attacked way too much for things I don’t deserve. You have anger issues, and its your problem. You shouldnt take it out on your own kid


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